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1 USD is currently 0.6476 GBP (Direktlänk)

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Exchange rates to British Sterling pounds from...

AUD: 0.6711
BRL: 0.3299
CAD: 0.6404
CHF: 0.7054
CNY: 0.1032
CZK: 0.0341
DKK: 0.1166
EUR: 0.8697
HKD: 0.0823
HUF: 0.0029
IDR: 0.0001
INR: 0.0117
ISK: 0.0048
JPY: 0.0069
KRW: 0.0006
LTL: 0.2501
LVL: 1.2418
MAD: 0.076
MXN: 0.0494
NOK: 0.1171
NZD: 0.5448
PLN: 0.2044
RUB: 0.0175
SAR: 0.1713
SEK: 0.1033
SGD: 0.524
THB: 0.0215
TRY: 0.3616
USD: 0.6476
ZAR: 0.0714

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